Scarlett's Secret Virtual Catalog - Page 1
Artist William L. Maughan
Reproduction on fine linen canvas, unframed, signed and numbered.
15.5" x 14.5" $199.00
Reproduction on fine linen canvas, framed, signed and numbered:
"Portrait of Scarlett - Blue Dress
"I loved you Scarlett" - Rhett and Scarlett
"Marry a Southerner" - Scarlett and Father
"Drop the Moonlight and Magnolias" - Drapery Dress
"Just Hold On" (Mammy Lacing Scarlett)
"Good Morning Ladies"
"Nothing Modest Will Do" (Red Dress)
"Bonnie Blue Print"
"You'll be the Greatest Horseman in the South (Bonnie/Rhett)"
"O'Hara's Tara"

Donald McCaig

The Authorized Novel based on Margaret Mitchell's Gone With The Wind. $ 27.95
Pat Conroy Gone With The Wind (Paperback) by Margaret Mitchell: Pat Conroy $ 17.00
Old South This is a beautifully illustrated new book on the Old South and the famous movie. - 8" 1/2 X 11"
Gone With The Wind - by Bruce Wexler $15.99
David O. Selznick's "Hollywood" $45.95
Pictorial History of Gone With The Wind (a collection of facts and artifacts, Memories and memorabilia) By Gerald and Harriet Modell Gardner $25.95
Frankly, My dear (Gone With The Wind memorabilia)
By Herb Bridges
Hell's Belles (Southern Women) By Seale Ballenger $14.95
Complete Gone With The Wind Trivia Book by Pauline Bartel $9.95
Margaret Mitchell and John Marsh - The Love Story Behind
Gone With The Wind by Mary Ann Walker
I Remember Margaret Mitchell by Yolanda Gwinn
(Society writer and editor for the Atlanta-Constitution for over 50 years) Limited copies available
Lost Laysen by Margaret Mitchell
("Until now the world thought Margaret had only one story to tell")
GWTW Collectible Catalog, List your own collection $8.95
Today Is Another Tomorrow, The epic GWTW parody $8.95
The Irish Roots of Margaret Mitchell's Gone With The Wind
By David O'Lonnell
Murder In Atlanta by James S. Jenkins $10.00
Atlanta In The Age of Percales by James Sage Jenkins $14.00
Looking For Tara by Don O'Briant $6.95
Selznick's Vision: GWTW and Hollywood Filmaking 
By David Vertrees
The Clark Gable and Carole Lombard Murder Case
By George Baxts
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Scarlett Secret

Scarlett O'Hara Marries Charles Hamilton
10" ...... $ 170.00

New Limited Edition 300 pieces

Scarlett O'Hara in BBQ Dress
8" ....... $ 110.00

Scarlett Secret
Scarlett Secret

Scarlett O'Hara in Portiere Dress
8" ....... $110.00

Limited Edition 250 pieces
Strolling Scarlett O'Hara
10" High
$ 149.95
Strolling Scarlett O'Hara
Limited Edition 250 pieces
Strolling Rhett Butler
10" High
$ 144.95
Strolling Rhett Butler
Scarlett - $ 79.99Blue Portrait Gown - 8"
Blue Portrait Gown
Bonnie Blue Butler - $ 84.99 - 8"
Bonnie Blue Butler
Belle Watling - $94.95 - 8"
Belle Watling

Limited Edition -
Scarlett O'Hara Dressing Gown - $ 145.00 - 10"

Scarlett O'Hara
Limited Edition -
Margret Mitchell
Includes Gone With The Wind Manuscript - $ 139.75 - 10"
Margret Mitchell

Scarlett - $ 499.99

Twelve Oaks Scarlett - 21"

Limited Edition

(125 Pieces)

Click to Enlarge
Scarlett and Rhett

Rhett - $ 449.99

Twelve Oaks Rhett - 21"

Limited Edition

(125 Pieces)

Scarlett and Rhett

Scarlett - $ 134.99

Red Velvet Ball Gown - 10"

Limited Edition

( 500 Pieces)

Red Velet Gown



E. 8" Mammy.......................................$85.99

F. 8" Matron.........................................$99.95


G. 8" Prissy................................$75.99


I. 10" Melanie Limited Edition 500 pieces
.........$ 129.95

J. 8" Bonnie Blue............................$ 79.95

L. Miss Ohara - 8" ........$89.95 (see image below)

M. Scarlett and Mammy 10"
New Limited Edition - 350 Pieces..........$ 199.95

Scarlett and Mammy

O. 8" Scarlett - In the Cotton Fields - includes basket.....$ 79.95

In the Cotton Fields


Scarletts Secret

Scarletts Secret

Scarletts Secret

Ornaments - Comes in Gift Box

Rhett Butler  Rhett Ornament
Ornament Scarlett Om1 - $ 9.99
Ornament Rhett Om2 - $ 9.99

Scralett Ornament  Scarlett Ornament
Ornament Scarlett in Blue Om3 - $ 9.99
Ornament Scarlett Om4 - $ 9.99

Scralett-Rhett Ornament  Rhett and Bonnie Ornament
Ornament Scarlett - Rhett  - OM5 - $ 9.99
Ornament Rhett - Bonnie Blue - OM6 - $ 9.99

Scralett Ornament  Scralett Ornament
Ornament Scarlett - OM7 - $ 9.99
Ornament Scarlett - OM8 - $ 9.99

Rhett Ornament
Ornament Rhett - Om9 - $ 9.99



Rhett - White Suite $ 70.00

Scarlett - Bbq Dress - $ 70.00  

Playing Cards - Call


Resin Ornaments:
Scarlett/Rhett in jail $19.99
Scarlet-Red Dress $19.99
Mammy  Retired
ScarlettRhett $19.99


GWTW Dress Patterns
Scarlett's Dresses - Sizes 10-20
Bonnie Blue's Riding Habit Sizes 6-12
Barbecue Party Dress $22.50
Green Velveteen Dress $26.50
Burgundy Dress $32.50
Hoop Skirt $15.50
Bonnie Blue's Riding Habit $15.50


GWTW San Francisco Music Box Figurines
Scarlett's Red Dress Scarlett's Red Dress Figurine
8" High
$ 84.95

"Just Hold On" Mammy with Scarlett Figurine
Plays Original Voice Chip from the movie
9 - 3/4"
Requires 3AA batteries
$ 84.95

mammy and Scarlett
The Kiss

Gone With The Wind "The Kiss" FIG
Plays Original Voice Clip from the movie
$ 85.00

10.25" High Requires 3 AAA batteries

Gone With The Wind "Frankly My Dear " FIG
Plays Original Voice Clip from the movie
$ 85.00

10.25" High Requires 3 AAA batteries

Frankly My Dear
Why That's Rhett Butler

Gone With The Wind
"Why That's Rhett Butler " FIG
Plays Tara's Theme
$ 85.00

11" High Requires 3 AAA batteries

Gone With The Wind
"Ain't Birthin' No Babies " FIG
Plays Original Voice Clip from the movie
$ 85.00

8.25" High Requires 3 AAA batteries

Ain't Birthin No Babies
Atlanta Burning Atlanta Burning Scene - 7.36" high Requires 2AA batteries, plays "Tara Theme" via a computer chip and is an illuminated piece..........................$ Call Please

Scarlett and Rhett Dancing at the Bazaar:
6.5 high, plays "At the Bazaar" via chip, requires 2 AA batteries and is an illuminated piece................$99.99

Dancing at the Bazaar
Embrace Scarlett and Rhett Embracing at the Stairs
6.5" high, requires 2AA batteries, plays "Tara Theme" via a computer chip and is an illuminated piece..........................$99.99
Mammy 9.75" high, plays "Tara Theme" with a wind up key to play. ..............$99.99 Mammy
As God is my wittness Scarlett, As God is my Wittness, 10.4" high, requires 2AA batteries, chip of her famous saying Vowing to never be hungry again.......................Call
"You Should be Kissed Often" 10.75" high, with a chip from the movie, requires 2AA batteries, ............Call Kissed Often
Scarlett in the Red Party Gown, The largest of the New Releases at 18.8" high, requires 2AA batteries, plays "Tara Theme" via a computer chip..............................Call

The Red Dress

GWTW San Francisco Music Box Figurines

As you know, San Franisco has stopped making any GWTW figurines.

Please call us for a price on any you are missing.

A. Scarlett and Rhett on Stairs
        10" Tall
B. Scarlett
        10" Tall
C. Scarlett and Rhett Seated
        8" Tall
D. Scarlett in Green
        9 1/4" Tall
E. Scarlett and Rhett Carriage
        7" Tall
F. Scarlett and Ashley Embrace
        7" Tall
G. Rhett Butler Column Call
H. Prissy At Fence Call
I. Rhett & Mammy's Petticoat Call
J, Portrait in Blue Dress Call
K. Return to Tara - After Honeymoon Call


H. Rhett and Bonnie on Horses
        9 1/2" Tall
I. Scarlett and Rhett Lacquer Box
        7 1/2" Long
J. Scarlett Ceramic Box
        2 1/4" Tall
K. GWTW Poster Lacquer Box
        7 1/2" Long
L. Scarlett and Mammy
        9 1/4" Tall
M. Scarlett Bench
        8" Tall
N. Scarlett and Rhett Waterglobe
        6 1/4" Tall
O. Baby Carriage Figurine Call

GWTW Figurines
A. Rhett & Scarlett Proposal
        9 1/2" Tall   Plays "Tara's Theme"
Retired - Call
B. Scarlett at Tara Figurine
        7" Tall   Plays "Tara's Theme"
C. Tara Jewel Box
        4 1/4" Tall   Plays "Tara's Theme"
D. Scarlett's Honeymoon
        10 1/4" Tall   Plays "Dixie's Land"
E. Scarlett & Ashley "The Sash"
        10 3/8" Tall   Plays "Dixie Land"
F. Scarlett's Green Bonnet Call
G-1 Scarlett Trinket Box

G-2  Rhett Butler Musicial Box


G-6 New Gone With the Wind
Rhett Butler with Bonnie Blue
4 3/4 X 4 3/4 X 6 1/2 ....

Rhett with Bonnie Blue

G-3 Anniversary Clock

Red Peignoir Water Globe

Rhett on a Horse Water Globe

G - 7. New - Rhett and Scarlett At the Bazaar- Rhett and Scarlett twirl on the dance floor. h

4 3/4 X 4 3/4 X 6 1/2 ....Call

At the Bazaar

H - Belle Waiting (musical)

Height 9 1/16"....................................... Call


I - Aunt Pitty Pat (musical)

Height 10 7/16"....................................... Call


J. - Scarlett Picnic Dress (musical)

Height 12 1/4" .......................................Call

K. Scarlett O'Hara - Water Globe 100mm .....Call
L. Gone with the Wind - Movie Box - 
9" W - 5.75" D - 3" H

M. Scarlett O'Hara At Tara - Lacquer Box - 
9" W - 5.75" D - 3" H

O. Gone With The Wind - Hinged Music Box - 
6.375" W X 4 " D X 2.63 " H

Features: Twirly
Plays: Tara's Theme
Music Box
The many faces of Scarlett are mirrored somewhat by these wonderful reproductions of her changing warwode. Loyal fans collect them all.
N. Scarlett O'Hara in White Prayer Dress Figurine
6 1/2" high ..
.... Call
O. Scarlett O'Hara in Green Parisian Bonnet Figurine
6 7/8" high .
.... Call
P. Scarlett O'Hara in Bookkeeper  Dress Figurine
6 3/8" high .
.... Call
Q. Scarlett O'Hara in Wedding Dress Figurine
6 5/8" high .
.... Call
R. Scarlett O'Hara with Parasol Musical Figurine 
 6 7/8" high ..
.... Call
S. Scarlett O'Hara in Red Dress Figurine 
6 7/8" high .
.... Call
T. Mammy holding Scarletts Dress
6 1/4" high

U. As God is My Witness  - Scarlett O'Hara 
Waterglobe 6 1/2" high

V. Scarlett O'Hara in Picnic Dress Waterglobe
6 1/2" high

..... Call
X. Ashley Wikes  Figurine 
8 1/8" high

.... Call
Y. Rhett Butler in Tux  Figurine 
8 7/8" high

.... Call

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